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Are you a…

  • Student who loves history and wants to use your youthful enthusiasm to enlighten others?
  • Senior Citizen who has grown up in Brazoria, and wants to see our rich history preserved for your grandchildren?
  • Citizen who longs to see our town restored and popularized into the history buff’s hotspot it should be?
  • Family who is interested in learning more about our history, as well as contributing to seeing that history come alive?
  • Local entertainer who is interested in performing for the people of Brazoria while at the same time supporting a local non-profit organization?
  • Business who is looking for ways to give back to your community?
  • Non-profit organization looking to network with the other non-profits in your community?

If any of the descriptions above interest or appeal to you, please consider joining the Brazoria Heritage Foundation. We would be delighted to discuss your interests and how you would like to be a part of our rich history!

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